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Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you stand with Israel? Really?

Hi, my name is Sally, I stand with Israel, and I'm voting for Mitt Romney.

     Sally, you know Mitt Romney supports a two state solution for Israel? Giving land to Palestine that doesn't belong to them? Do you support that?

I stand with Israel and I'm praying for her.

    But what about Mitt Romney? He obviously doesn't stand with Israel? Do you still plan to vote for him knowing he will divide the land?

I stand with Israel, God has a plan. Mitt Romney is a part of that plan. I will pray for Israel.

   I don't understand though, how is standing with Israel supporting someone who doesn't stand with her?

God has a plan.

   Right, but don't you have a responsibility as an individual claiming to "stand with Israel" to support a candidate who also stands with Israel.

Romney is the only viable option.

   Do you not have faith in God's plan?

I believe Mitt Romney is part of that plan.

   How can you know that? What if Obama is part of God's plan for Israel?

Do you want Obama for another 4 years?

    I didn't say that but if you have faith in God's plan, if he's going to carry out his plan no matter what, then why not let your words match your actions? If you stand with Israel, stand with her, with your vote...that makes sense right?

Obama must go.

Welcome to the new Conservative way of thinking. 

This conversation is not an actual conversation but a mixture of conversations I have had with multiple people in the past week.  


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