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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Endorse Tom Hoefling for President

I have been saying for a few weeks now that a full written endorsement for Tom Hoefling of America's party was in the works.

I already knew I was going to vote for Tom a few months ago but I had been so caught up in the Romney drama that I didn't stop to consider that rather than trying to convince people how bad Romney is, I may do better to convince people how good Tom is.

In thinking about how I would construct this endorsement I wanted to make sure that I made it about Tom and not Romney; about a values based candidate who deserves the votes of principled conservatives who believe that good can conquer evil, not about chastising those who aren't principled and choose to believe that only a lesser evil can defeat evil.

In church this morning my Pastor spoke of 5 things to get through stressful circumstances.

1. Trust that God is holy and good
2. Trust in his promises
3. Stop trying to be in control
4. Open your eyes in your circumstances
5. Embrace freedom while you walk through

Of these, the one that spoke to me most was stop trying to be in control. He spoke of those three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace (the story that keeps confirming my decision to support Tom). He talked about how they knew their God was holy and good and in control, and they said "we will not bow".

He spoke of how we need to understand that we don't control the government. God raises governments and he tears them down, what our focus should be on is fellowship with him and when we focus on his goodness we walk in faith. When we walk in faith we can walk around in a fiery furnace like it's a day on the beach.

Tom Hoefling is a humble man who loves this country. He is the underdog of all underdogs and yet is willing to step out in faith because he believes that God is indeed Holy and good. That goodness of God is what directed the paths of those brave men who founded this country and the freedoms that we have come to take for granted. Tom still believes in that message because he believes that God's goodness does not fade away.

Tom is standing in front of a powerful King and telling him "I will not bow". In hearing Tom speak a few times I believe that he is answering a calling. He may not be called to win but he is certainly called to take a stand that no one else is taking.

He is standing for God's goodness.

One thing that is always a huge factor to me in supporting a candidate is abortion. Abortion is the biggest most heinous atrocity that happened to this nation in it's history. I hold it even more atrocious than slavery because at least slaves were allowed to live!! Abortion is closer to the sick actions of Hitler.

I cannot even find words in the English language to express my disgust with a nation that would approve of murdering it's most innocent and helpless citizens. It's mind boggling and excruciatingly painful to think about.

Tom is the only true pro life candidate on my ballot. What do I mean by that? Well, when Tom says he believes in the sanctity of life, he means it. He doesn't believe we can pick and choose which people deserve to be protected under the law. A heartbeat is a heartbeat, a life is a life and it is worthy of protection no matter how it came to existence.

Tom understands the threat of Iran and our duty as America to protect our allies and not appease those who would seek to destroy us.

Tom understands that government has limitations, that politicians are public servants entrusted with a duty to protect people, not rule over them.

Tom respects our Constitution and would uphold the vow to follow it's direction and serve the nation under it's guidelines.

I'm voting for Tom Hoefling for president for the same reason I voted for Rick Santorum in my primary. Because despite the odds against him, despite the voices that say he can't win, I'm letting God have control.

God asked me to trust him, he asked me to have faith, he embedded in my spirit with the first breath of life that entered my body, a part of him. The part of me that moralizes and holds on to the values that keep me close to him, those same values brought me to support Rick Santorum, a man who fought for the unborn, a man who believes in the Constitution and has respect for America's exceptional history of freedom that no other country has ever been able to experience.

Those same values bring me to support Tom Hoefling. No matter if it's the primary or the general election I will always vote my values. My values will never allow me to vote for a lesser evil.

My God is good and holy. My God is in control. I trust his promises. My eyes are open to see his presence. And with a vote for my conscience I embrace freedom.

Tom Hoefling America's Party
God's candidate


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