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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romney and Hitler

Does great good balance great evil?

You may have seen this image on facebook in many different forms. I find it amusing that it's being posted by the same people who despised Romney during the primary.

Suddenly now (even though all of this was true during the primary) all the evil that Romney has perpetrated during his political career is canceled out because of a bullet list of things people find admirable.

Here's the problem I have with this good and evil merry-go-round; SO WHAT?!

That's right, I said so what, and here's why:

Ever heard of Hitler? You know the man who brutally murdered Jews left and right, who took prisoners at Auschwitz and performed horrific experiments on them, including children? You know that guy right?

Well I could make a bullet list about him too.
  • Created the world's first anti-smoking campaign. Nazi research helped uncover the harm of tobacco on pregnant women. 1
  • Hitler wanted everyone to have a car, the poor and the rich and so he devised the car we now know as the Volkswagen. 2
  • Hitler invented the highway system. You ever use one of those? Thank that evil bastard that you can get to work twice as fast. 3
  • The infamous torch relay and interlocking rings at our beloved Olympics? Hitler. 4
  • Animal welfare activist. Enacted the Reich Animal Protection Act and many other laws protecting animals from cruelty and misuse. 5
  • Put Germany back to work after it had suffered crippling unemployment and horrendous inflation to the point that a wheelbarrow full of money couldn't buy a loaf of bread. 6
 Now, taking into consideration what wonderful things Hitler did for Germany, if he were alive today and running for POTUS against Obama would you consider him the lesser evil? Or maybe since he actually attempted genocide you would consider Obama the lesser evil and vote for him?

Are you yet seeing the idiocy of the above picture trying to define the kind of man Mitt Romney is while leaving out the fact that he homosexualized Massachusetts schools, illegally issued gay marriage licenses, supported and continues to support abortion, invested money in a company that profited from abortion (Stericycle), continues to take money for his campaign from abortion lobbyists and pro choice activists, set himself up as dictator of the GOP by deciding to control the delegates that will be allowed to vote at future conventions, cheated manipulated and lied his way through the primary so that the people's voice was overridden by the will of establishment elites, implemented socialized medicine and continues to support RomneyCare despite the unconstitutional anti freedom aspects of this system?

What kind of man is Mitt Romney? The kind that doesn't represent me, no matter what "good" he has done his policies are anti God and anti freedom. You want to talk about economy? Hitler fixed the economy too and yet somehow this is not what he is known for, I wonder why? Could it be that fixing the economy is overshadowed by the evil he inflicted?

There is someone that does represent me though, a man that has declared that he will, if elected, on his first day in office issue a presidential decree that a child in the womb is a person and should be afforded protection under our laws. There is no court that has a right to put into law something that violates our constitution and this man knows that he is held accountable to the statutes of our founding documents, not courts and not congress.

If you are pro life, or claim to be, why would you not vote for the only person who has declared with passion and a pro life track record to back him up, that he will abolish the atrocity that is abortion on his first day of presidency?

Can you still call yourself pro life by choosing instead to vote for someone who thinks he has a right to decide which heart beat should be allowed to continue beating?

After all, Hitler would have opposed abortion for German women vehemently, he was pro life for Germans and would have gladly accepted abortion for Jews. What's the difference between him and Romney in this regard?

Romney is for abortion in cases of rape and incest. I wonder when God gave him the authority to decide whose life is worthy?

Oh wait, abortion and same sex marriage aren't what his campaign is about, social issues aren't "real issues". It's all about the economy. What Ann Romney said.

As my good friend said once, "If only Sodom and Gomorrah had focused on the economy"......~Javan Browder


Jennifer WarHawk said...

You know, this was starting to get to me too. I was thinking, wow, he's done some really kind things in his life. Maybe he's can be trusted to do at least SOME good in our nation. Then your post was sent to me to set me straight. God bless you!

ShereneHW said...

Lol, glad to be of service ;)

Anonymous said...

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood had abortion centers placed in BLACK neighborhoods.

ShereneHW said...

Yes Planned Parenthood might as well be death camps for the unborn and it's focus is minorities. Margaret Sanger felt like poor black people should be wiped out and Hitler felt it was the Jews.

Anyone who supports PP might as well Hiel Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Good article--I agree. Besides, how do we know all those things are true about Romney anyway? And if he did do certain things unpaid, was there an ulterior motive? Was it to avoid paying any taxes? With Romney, you've definitely got to suspect that. :)

Here's an interesting post about that too:

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